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Every Public Relations strategy or campaign is unique, but typically a core range of activities can be expertly mixed to deliver the very best results.

Public relations, social media and the communications industry as a whole is often perceived to be the new kid in the marketing stable, but really it’s been around for donkeys years in one guise or another. Even Jesus Christ turned to PR 2,000 years ago when he sent his disciples out to spread the word. Today he could have tweeted it – if he could condense his message into 140 characters.

The industry has just been evolving, over a long period of time, along with the media which never stands still. It’s always getting slicker, faster, shinier and with this, our appetite for knowledge is getting bigger, better, fatter. Nowadays we’ve got more media outlets than ever before – TV, radio, internet, newspapers, online news sites, social media, magazines, books – the list goes on and on.

The simple fact is, most people love all types of media, they find it fascinating and they can’t live without it. We have more media than ever before and more ways to view it which means plenty more PR opportunities for all.


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